Craving A 6-inch & Almost Missing My Flight

Craving A 6-inch & Almost Missing My Flight

Get your head out of the gutters!😘

When I say 6-inch, I mean a small subway sandwich… which was made by a super cute Mexican guy. My sandwich took longer to make than usual because of my horrible English to Spanish translation. I asked for my sub to be warmed up in the microwave, he toasted it instead. I asked for pickles, he put cucumbers. A man who decides my meal for me… what a keeper. And Anytime he didn’t understand me, he would either smile or laugh and together we worked on my delicious 6-inch.

I was already late to board my flight from Mexico City to Atlanta after picking up a delicious Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, but knew I would be hungry on my 3-hour flight and couldn’t remember if they served a meal on my Delta flight [update: they gave me a turkey sub, figures].

So since I was already late, might as well be fashionably late with a 6-inch in one hand and a Grande in my other. PURSE FIRST.

As a ran to my gate, I could hear my name being called over the speakers. I ran as fast as I could without breaking a sweat, because I wasn’t going to hop on a plane looking like a sweaty, hot mess walking down the planes’ alley of shame while I looked at the catalogue of hot men sitting throughout the rows on my plane. You never know, I could meet my future husband on a plane, and I wasn’t going to risk looking like a sweaty hot mess. A true gay Disney story.

In the end, I made it on the plane as they were boarding last call and the agent at the desk asked if the Starbucks in my hand was for him jokingly. And I told him the Starbucks is all mine but he could have my 6-inch. Thank god he laughed! I’m like 98% he was on #TeamGay but if he wasn’t, I’m glad he appreciated a good 6-inch joke.

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