Best Things To Do in Jasper National Park, Alberta


Jasper National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. This area near Jasper, Alberta is one of those must-see places on your Canadian Bucket List.

It’s one of the top places you must visit when travelling to Canada. Bucket list worthy, trust me. Plan a trip to Jasper for a few days and experience this National Park and all the best things you can do.

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, with over 11,000 square kilometres for you to discover. So now that I’ve caught your interest to visit, here are the best things to do in Jasper National Park!

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Best Things To Do in Jasper National Park, Alberta

1. Take a Road Trip in Jasper National Park


Hands down, the first best thing to do is drive around this national park. The amount of beautiful snow-capped rocky mountains and awe-inspiring natural landscapes around Jasper National Park is worth a drive.

If you have the opportunity to stay in Jasper for a few days, dedicate a day to taking a little road trip around Jasper National Park. It’s worth renting a car if you came to Jasper by the Via Rail train, girl trust me.

2. Visit the Popular Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park


While you’re on your road trip, it’s veerrrryyy important you stop at Maligne Lake that’s in Jasper National Park. This lake is STUNNING.

If you were to try and find the most instagrammable spot, Maligne Lake is your perfect backdrop. Now strike a pose with her and tag me in your pic, k? thanx, your welcome.

3. Experience The Northern Lights & Dark Sky Preserve

So while I was in the outdoor Jacuzzi at the Whistlers Inn where I stayed, I had the opportunity to see some wisps of northern lights. I was visiting in April and know that you have a HUGE chance to see the Northern Lights in October as well as during the winter time.

Jasper has the second largest dark sky preserve in the world, which means it has the most ideal conditions for dark sky viewing. If you have the opportunity to visit Jasper National Park, go in October during the Jasper Dark Sky Festival. If you’re looking to see the Northern Lights, Jasper National Park is the perfect spot to see them.

The Northern Lights are hard to photograph to really showcase what they look like in person, and I couldn’t photograph them specifically in Jasper, so the Northern Lights photo above is from when I captured them IN FULL HD in Yellowknife, Canada (which is North of Jasper near the arctic circle). If I captured them in April it wouldn’t do the Northern Lights justice… they are jaw-dropping & you must see them during the fall & winter!

4. Go Skiing at Marmot Basin, Jasper


Just a mere 20 minutes from the town of Jasper is the Marmot Basin Ski Resort. With spectacular views and access to 91 runs, this rocky mountain ski resort has 1,720 acres of terrain to discover. From beginner skiing & snowboarding to pro, there are many runs for any skill level.

If you don’t have any equipment, you can rent skis, boots & poles/ board & boots for a fair price at the ski resort.

5. Photograph Bears, Moose & Beavers, oh my!


I loved joining a bus tour around Jasper National Park looking for wildlife in their natural habitat! If you want to see a bear, moose, beavers and other Canadian wildlife in their natural habitat, join a guided wildlife bus tour.

Did you know Jasper was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site partly due to the incredible diversity of animals found within its borders. There’s apparently 53 species of mammals throughout looking to be photographed by you!

6. White Water Rafting in Jasper National Park


I’ve seen videos of white water rafting in some crazy rivers with people getting drenched or tipping into the water and I’m not about that life.

Any time I had the opportunity to go white water rafting, I declined because of my fear of falling into the water. However, when I was given the opportunity to go white water rafting in Level 1 & 2 waters, on a hot day drifting through glacier mountains in Jasper, Alberta, I decided to bite the sausage and take a chance.

And you know what? I had a blast!

There’s nothing better than paddling through Jasper National Park, dipping your hand in fresh glacier water and safely drinking it. It’s super refreshing and literally fresh from the glacier mountains. So while you’re in Jasper, make sure you go white water rafting, because it’s truly one of the best things to do.

There so many things to do in Jasper National Park and these are only a few of the best things you can do in the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

With its untamed wilderness and Dark Sky Preserve as well as being a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jasper National Park welcomes all those prepared to experience a memorable trip.

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