My Bucket List

For every school year, I typically create a short bucket list of what I want to accomplish and/or experience before the end of my school year. Coming to a new school, in a new country, for a whole year, I figured that a bucket list was in order. As opposed to just experiencing and accomplishing certain goals and aspirations, I also decided that I would expand my bucket list to accommodate specific celebrations that can only be experienced within certain times of the year in certain places across the world. Since I’m already in Europe, why not experience significant events that originated or are only offered in specific locations across the globe. This expansion (that I would less likely to do in Canada) includes accomplishes and experiences from going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, to kissing the blarney stone in Ireland.

Ryan’s Bucket List

  1. 60702_10151200951917969_503537188_nExperience London, England
  2. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  3. Visit family relatives in the Netherlands
  4. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)
  5. See the Mona Lisa
  6. Visit as many Harry Potter sites as possible
  7. See one of the Wonders of the World
  8. Backpack across Europe
  9. Experience a zombie apocalypse
  10. Go skiing in Europe
  11. Face one of my fears
  12. Make international friends 738339_10152376967340088_313872110_o
  13. Live in the moment, not the past or future
  14. Experience an English Film Festival
  15. Out-live the “end of the world” on December 21, 2012
  16. Meet Emma Watson
  17. Keep a Video Diary of my travels
  18. Experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  19. Go to a premiere of a British film in England
  20. Find an authentic Banksy work of art
  21. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  22. Kiss the blarney stone
  23. Re-visit Italy901538_10152673609250032_1286390860_o 
  24. Work on a film with British students
  25. Go to a VIP event
  26. Visit a fairytale-like town/city
  27. Have a Guinness at the Storehouse Factory in Dublin, Ireland
  28. Walk Water Balls on Lake Alster in Hamburg, Germany
  29. Visit the cafe shop where JK Rowling began writing Harry Potter
  30. Ride a camel
  31. Cross Abbey Road
  32. Sleep In A Castle
  33. Walk in a Pride Parade
  34. Ride a Hot Air Balloon
  35. Make a Spontaneous trip anywhere in the world

To be continued…

If you have any other suggestions of what should be on my bucket list, or what I should experience on my travels anywhere in the UK or Europe, post a comment! I’d love to hear other people’s bucket list achievements!

Most of the sites and cities I want to go to are on my Pinterest travel board, so if you would like to see the places I plan to visit over the year, check out:

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