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Who is Out With Ryan

Out With Ryan is a travel blog created by YouTuber Ryan Thomas Woods. Ryan is basically your new Gay BFF who wants to show you how to live a fabulous life and see the world with a new perspective. He is a twenty-something digital nomad based between Canada and Europe (where sis cute gay BF lives) and is currently on a mission to travel the world as a gay man.

Ever since his first trip, Ryan has wanted to create a safe space to talk about his travels as a gay man, while sharing other people’s stories (travel stories from women, minorities and the LGBTQ community.

Out With Ryan is a website that focuses on giving travel advice, tips & inspiration that is inclusive of minorities; especially the LGBTQ+ community that Ryan belongs too. He wants to share his experiences of safe and gay-friendly places, and not so safe or gay-friendly places, that are all worth visiting due to their beauty, culture and cute boys, obvi (looking at you beautiful Morocco).

From hiding his sexuality in North Africa to wearing nothing but a Rainbow flag in Los Angeles, Ryan wants to spotlight the fabulous things in life and travel with positivity and open-mindedness. He hopes you will join him on his fabulous journeys around the world.

You Can Follow Ryan on:

Instagram: @RyanThomasWoods

Twitter: @RyanThomasWoods


Out With Ryan - Gay Couple Travel
Ryan and his boyfriend Andrei in Spain


  1. September 8, 2012 / 2:57 pm

    I will be waiting anxiously for all the details and pics 🙂 Don’t forget Stonehenge for me!!

  2. September 9, 2012 / 2:15 am

    Hey April! I will not forget about Stonehenge! Trust me! Can’t wait to see them!

  3. Richelle Young
    September 9, 2012 / 3:01 am

    Hey darlin, we love you and miss you and wish you all the very best England has to offer you. So happy for you that you are getting this experience. xoxo

  4. October 2, 2013 / 1:42 am

    I was browsing and came by your blog, and I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I think your blog is amazing, and I look forward to traveling the world with you!

  5. Kay McKinsey
    July 8, 2015 / 4:50 am

    Hey! I recently started watching your videos. Your so good at it. It makes me want to vlog and start up my channel! Wish you the best of luck in you future!!❤️

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