12 Photos Of The Kawarthas That Will Inspire You To Visit

12 Photos Of The Kawarthas That Will Inspire You To Visit

Words can’t describe how beautiful The Kawarthas truly is. After canoeing and camping in the Kawartha Highlands for over 100+ hours, I wanted to show you 12 photos of the Kawarthas that will inspire you to visit.

From canoeing in the sunshine to camping under the milky way, The Kawarthas is a beautiful place to experience the Canadian wilderness, detox and connect with mother nature.

Here are 12 photos that my friends and I took while canoeing and camping in The Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. As a result, I hope the photos will inspire you to visit The Kawarthas area. The Kawarthas is one of those places I was always told about but never truly realized the beauty of this peaceful paradise until I saw with my own eyes.

12 Photos of The Kawarthas

Sunset in the Kawarthas
Milky Way Kawartha Lakes
Photo Credit: Kevin from Wandering Wagers
Kawartha Waterfalls
kawarthas fall
Photo Credit: Kathryn Anywhere
Photo Credit: Kevin from Wandering Wagers
Photo Credit: Noah Korne

Often times, words can not necessarily translate or express how incredibly beautiful a place really can be. Thankfully, photos and videos speak a thousand words and can capture how stunning and romantic a place really can be.

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With the Kawarthas area being so huge, there are so many canoe and hiking routes to explore. All of these Kawartha photos are from exploring the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, as well as just outside of the Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

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