8 Romantic Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Romantic Things to do in Mont Tremblant

This winter I decided to take my partner on a romantic getaway to Mont Tremblant! Many of my friends saw our trip on my social media and asked for a list of romantic things to do in Mont Tremblant when they go. So, I thought I would share with you guys as well 8 romantic things to do in Mont Tremblant.

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Nestled in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountain Ridge, Mont Tremblant is truly a world-class winter resort, with a range of activities hard to match by other places.

As you may already know, Mont Tremblant is one of my favourite spots in Canada to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world and enjoy priceless moments with friends and loved ones.

Here are 8 Romantic Things to do in Mont Tremblant

skiing at mont tremblant

1. Skiing

Mont Tremblant offers the best winter wonderland since it has some of the best slopes to go skiing in Canada. I find skiing to be a very romantic couples’ activity, especially since you can have a cheeky kiss viewing incredible views at Tremblant.

If your an advanced skier, you’ll probably agree that nothing beats the sensation of skiing side by side your significant other, synchronising the pace of your journey down the slopes while enjoying the beautiful nature and views of Mont Tremblant.

helicopter ride mont tremblant

2. Helicopter Ride

The second most romantic thing in Mont Tremblant would be to take a private helicopter ride. A helicopter offers the most breathtaking views of the Laurentian Mountain Ridge!

You’ll get a 360 degrees perspective on the winter wonderland that Mount Tremblant undoubtedly is during this time of the year. So grab your partner or should I say co-pilot, and take a romantic helicopter ride around Mont Tremblant.

Afraid of heights? Don’t worry. The pilots are experienced professionals and the helicopter is very modern ensuring take-off, in-flight time and landing is smooth and fearless. All in all, you will have an amazing time and get the
opportunity to take fantastic pictures and share a special romantic time with your special someone.

romantic dinners mont tremblant

3. Eating at Romantic Restaurants

Mont Tremblant boasts an impressive selection of high-end / fine-dining restaurants, brunch places, pubs and breweries.

If you’re visiting with your significant other and want to impress, book a table at the impeccable Choux Gras Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel or Coco Pazzo, and get ready to have your taste buds pampered and your romance rekindled in the perfect, intimate atmosphere of this five-stars establishment. It is one of the main romantic things to do in Mont Tremblant.

If you’re up for an all-you-can-eat brunch, I also recommend Le Comptoir – the food and lattes were fabulous.

tubing at mont tremblant

4. Night Tubing

Night Tubing at Mont Tremblant can be a thrilling, yet romantic experience. Grab a tube and hold your partner tight as you slide down one of Mont Tremblant’s slopes. Go once, twice, or as many times as you want.

This is one of my favourites, especially after a busy day on the slopes or right before a romantic dinner! Adrenaline is good for an appetite, right?

snowmobiling mont tremblant

5. Snowmobiling

Hop on one of the many modern snowmobiles and discover the Upper Laurentians as you ride over winding mountain or smooth forest trails. I’m in love with snowmobile rides, and Mont Tremblant provides an opportunity to explore the wilderness and capture its un-spoilt beauty on camera.

Snowmobiling is truly one of the most romantic activities in Mont Tremblant as it provides you and your loved one the opportunity to connect while trailing the snow-covered Laurentian mountain ridge.

Romantic Things to do in Mont Tremblant

6. Unwind at the Spa near Mont Tremblant

While in Mont Tremblant, one’s escape wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Scandinave Spa! This spa is the perfect place to escape the daily routine and the stress and anxiety associated with it, and find your inner peace.

It is also ideal for couples looking to connect with peace and tranquillity. The Scandinave Spa in Mont Tremblant offers the most romantic setting and it’s a spa I keep going back too; winter or summer.

drone mont tremblant

7. Dogsledding

Dogsledding offers any daring mountain aficionado the opportunity to harness and drive their team of dogs over winding forest trails. This is an exciting activity for a couple and requires teamwork! From driving to navigating, this activity can be very romantic for a couple looking to have a team-building activity while enjoying incredible views.

The ultimate experience for those loving nature as much as I do. Also, nothing beats the excitement to share this exploration with your partner. Truly a lifetime experience.

romantic skiing mont tremblant

8. Alpine Touring

The last romantic thing I would recommend in Mont Tremblant requires courage. Dare to climb the highest peak in the Laurentians on your skis on one of the many designated trails and marvel at the scenery as you slip your way down the slope until the picturesque roofs of the resort reveal themselves to you and your partner.

All in all, Mont Tremblant is the resort that will never disappoint, be it winter or summer. Its state of the art facilities and countless activities on offer will ensure you and your loved ones have an amazing time together. My boyfriend and I were thrilled to visit and would recommend Mont Tremblant to anyone looking to experience some of the most romantic activities in Canada.

Hope this list of romantic things to do in Mont Tremblant motivates you to visit! I had such an amazing 4 days in Mont Tremblant and I can’t wait to go back again soon! ☃️

Have you been to Mont Tremblant? Summer or Winter? What are your favourite things to do there?

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