Taiwan Becomes 1st Country in Asia to make Same-Sex Marriage Legal!

That’s right! Taiwan is the first country in Asia to make same-sex Marriage legal! #LoveWins

Taiwan same-sex marriage: Latest News

Taiwan passed the gay marriage legislation on Friday May 17, 2019 and will go into effect on May 24, 2019!

Two years ago, the Constitutional Court in Taiwan ruled that the existing law, which said that marriage was between a man and a woman, was unconstitutional and gave parliament two years to amend or enact new laws.

A week before the two-year deadline, lawmakers in the capital’s Legislative Yuan passed a bill making same-sex marriage a reality for Taiwanese citizens. Same-sex marriage supporters celebrated outside the Legislate Yuan in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Is Taiwan Safe for Gay Travellers?

Is Taiwan Safe for Gay Travellers?
I traveled Taiwan with my good friend Maiku who has always been very supportive of his gay friends and had an adventurous trip exploring Taiwan together.

Taiwan was the first country in Asia I ever traveled to as an openly gay man and felt that it was very gay-friendly. The island has a large gay community and its annual pride parade is the biggest in Asia!

And now that same-sex marriage is legal, I can honestly say that Taiwan is one of the most beautiful and gay-friendly countries in Asia to visit!

Love won in Taiwan and it truly was a big step towards equality, not only for Asia but for the global LGBTQ+ rights movement.

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All in all, I’m so proud of the progress made for LGBTQ+ equality around the world.

When one country takes one step back, another country makes one step forward.

I’m so proud that Taiwan, a country I love so much, is the first country in Asia to pass same-sex marriage!

I hope other countries in Asia will follow.

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