Where to Rent Skates for Rideau Canal Skating

I searched for “where to rent skates for Rideau Canal” and found that there wasn’t a website that provided me with all skate rental options and where to purchase skating rentals in Ottawa.

So I created my own page to help me & you for your next skating trip to the Rideau Canal!

There are 3 places to rent skates for Rideau Canal skating! (Scroll down)

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Where to Rent Skates on Ottawa's Rideau Canal

List of Where you can Rent Skates for Rideau Canal Skating

I knew there must be places to rent skates on the Rideau Canal, but the Rideau Canal is HUGE! It’s literally the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world according to Guinness World Records. You can literally enter onto the ice at so many points along the 7.8 kilometres (4.8 miles) skateway. So where should you go to grab a pair of rental skates?

1. Rent Skates from Capital Skates on the Rideau Canal

Rental Name: Capital Skates

Where to Rent Skates: Capital Skates is located under the Mackenzie King Bridge. They are open every day, 10 am to 10 pm – weather permitting.

Price: $22 for 2 hours (check capitalskates.ca for updated prices)

Pros:This is the 2nd cheapest option for up to 2 hours of skating. Located right on the canal to rent.

Cons: Each additional hour is $11 where #2 option is $8 per additional hour, so can be more expensive if you go for more than 2 hours. All skates rentals require a $50 deposit per item.

rideau canal during winter in ottawa

2. Rent Skates from Dows Lake Pavilion on the Rideau Canal

Rental Name: Dows Lake Pavilion

Where to Rent Skates: Dows Lake Pavilion is located at 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa, ON. Dows Lake Pavilion is open every day to rent skates from 9:30am to 9pm (for last rental).

Price: $25 for 2 hours adults, $21 for 2 hours child (check dowslake.com for updated prices)

Pros: If you want to skate more than 2 hours, it’s only $8 additional per hour, which can be cheaper long-term if you want to skate all day or more than 2 hours. They also have adult skate trainers if you want to learn how to skate, and offer helmets for $5 and large locker rentals for $5.

Cons: All rentals require a $20.00 deposit and valid photo ID (Driver’s License – Health cards are apparently not accepted).

where to rent skates rideau canal

3. Rent Skates from Cyco’s near the Rideau Canal

Rental Name: Cyco’s

Where to Rent Skates: Cyco’s is located at 5 Hawthorne Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario. Cyco’s is open every day to rent skates from 10am to 5pm.

Price: $10 for 2 hours, $24 for 24 hours! (check cycosport.ca for updated prices)

Pros: #1 Cheapest option for renting skates short and long term! You can even rent skates for up to 1 week for $55.

Cons: Open hours aren’t as clear online and isn’t open as long as the other two options. It’s located right next to the Rideau Canal, where the others are on or attached to Rideau Canal.

So there you have it! 3 great options to rent skates at the Rideau Canal in Ottawa based on your needs, personal price points and how long you plan to skate for.

Skating on the Rideau Canal is free and accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (weather permitting), with lamps lighting the Skateway at night time.

Skating here is great for the whole family and a romantic idea for couples in or visiting Ottawa. There’s nothing more romantic than skating on the Rideau Canal, hand in hand with a loved one on the largest natural frozen skating rink in the world.

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Are you going skating on the Rideau Canal? Let me know below! 

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